Friday Is Live Day At UTM Radio!” - Gunner G's

UTM Radio


The "Friday Live Day" concert is a monthly event with live music performances held at UTM media & Broadcasting studio. This live performance event is comprised of musical guest & hip hop artists who recently received interviews on UTM Radio's "IIour Show UnCut" performing on stage with Classic Hip Hop & Indie legends no matter what genre of music! This event has a network style environment, equip with food & drinks vending, games, raffles, and more. Friday Live Day will also double as a TV show which will be edited per episode on UTM media's Roku TV channel, the UTM Radio app & also The Hip Hop Foundation Website. This event is created to give independent Hip Hop artists a broader range of promotions so their art can be heard and appreciated by a larger audience inside & outside the venue. UTM Radio along with The Hip Hop Foundation represent the under served artists who seek venues that actively promote them on a daily basis. Unlike other music venues, UTM Radio does not just support Hip Hop, we Represent it. Powered by The Hip Hop Foundation & 4x award winning publicist, Marissa Savino of MJ's Hip Hop Connex, we sponsor artists with paid advertising from, Posters, Door Hangers Brochures, radio promotions, plus online & social media advertising. When You go to our website, Your on their! With full write up. Check other venues when concerning indie hip hop artists. You will find they don't do the same. And neither does their radio station sponsors. 

"We Want To Usher In A New Age Of Indie Hip Hop In Philly & Beyond. Not One Of Support. But One Of Representation!"

So why wheel & deal with venues that don't represent the Culture. Those venues who tell you to turn the music down at a Hip Hop event. Those venues that don't consider you for time on late acts and give you pressure all through the event. We want to usher in a new age of indie Hip Hop in Philly & beyond. Not one of support. But one of representation. Because that's what we do in Hip Hop. WE REPRESENT! If you are down with the cause and you are inspired to do so, please donate. It's a big help. But volunteering or working with our staff would be an awesome way for us to reach our goal.

 Our Sustainable Income Resource Is Talent Development & Events

The purpose of this concept is simple.  We now have a creative venue space with our main sponsor, UTM Media! This gives The Hip Hop Foundation the opportunity to create events with tailored sponsorships, advertising, and donations for our non-profit. This also gives us shaped projects for interns to work on. For example, marketing and promotion for shows, concert events, TV shows, creating concepts for TV Shows, video & commercial editing, voiceovers, videography, photography, and more. This way we can ensure grant funding promotional sponsorships, donations, and other added perks for having an active incubator workshop for media.

Sponsor Or Perform In Friday Live Day Concerts @UTM RADIO