On February 11th, Dahlak Paradise transforms into a Hip Hop oasis.

the Best part? the Airplay Hip Hop Event is FREE!

Mark your calendars, hip hop lovers, because The Airplay Hip Hop Concert Event is bringing the fire back to Philly on February 11th, and Dahlak Paradise Ethiopian Restaurant (4708 Baltimore Ave) is gonna be the epicenter of lyrical greatness! Brace yourselves for a night of electrifying rhymes, pulsating beats, and raw talent like you've never seen before.

This ain't your average rap show, fam. We're talking about a heavyweight lineup hosted by none other than T.H.E., the legend himself, from Philly's longest-running independent Hip Hop radio show, The IIour Show on UTM Radio. And joining him in this mic-dropping conquest is the queen of soul-stirring words, Naima The Self Love Poet, co-host of the L.O.L. Show on 98.5fm Uptown Radio. Don't let the smooth moves fool you; these two know how to get a crowd hype!

But wait, there's more! DJ Se7ven, the mastermind behind the Adult Talk Podcast, will be spinning fire tracks all night long, keeping you moving and grooving. And on the lyrical front, get ready to witness the headlining collision of Kuf Knotz & Christine Elise. And if that wasn't enough, Magiic & Iyjae Machelle are bringing their own unique flavors to the stage, dropping rhymes that'll stick to your soul like honey.

The best part? The Airplay Hip Hop Event is FREE! Just bring your love for Hip Hop, your dancing shoes, and maybe some ID if you're looking to indulge (21+, y'all). Doors open at 8 PM, and the party rocks until midnight. Trust us, you won't want to miss this.

The Airplay Hip Hop Event is brought to you by The Hip Hop Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting Hip Hop culture. So come celebrate the power of words, rhythm, and community – Philly-style!

Live Performances By:

Introducing Magiic. This rising star's flow is a potent blend of raw power and introspective soul. Her rhymes crackle with authenticity, weaving vivid portraits of life's complexities with a smooth, effortless delivery. 

Then, prepare to be captivated by Iyjae Machelle. This dynamic artist is a force of nature on the mic. Her verses ignite with fiery social commentary and razor-sharp wit, reminding us that hip-hop is a potent tool for change. But that's not all – Iyjae's playful wordplay and infectious energy keep the crowd moving, proving that conscious rap can be just as fun as it is powerful.

Prepare to witness lyrical firestorm meet sonic sorcery as Philly hip-hop legend Kuf Knotz and the genre-bending harpist Christine Elise join forces for an unforgettable performance at Dahlak Paradise's electrifying Airplay concert!

A name synonymous with Philly hip-hop royalty, Kuf Knotz is more than just an emcee – he's a lyrical alchemist, transforming words into potent sonic potions that captivate and command attention. His flow is a force of nature, weaving intricate rhymes and storytelling prowess into head-bobbing beats that ignite crowds. Get ready to witness raw talent, infectious energy, and bars so sharp they could cut diamonds as Kuf Knotz takes the stage.

Don't be fooled by the delicate harp – Christine Elise wields its strings with the power of a rockstar, bending classical tradition into modern-day magic. Her music is a genre-defying tapestry, blending hip-hop beats with ethereal melodies and jazz improvisation, creating soundscapes that will leave you breathless. Witness the impossible as fingers fly across the strings, conjuring sonic landscapes that push the boundaries of musical expectation.