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The Hip Hop Foundation Articles page is an important resource for anyone who wants to stay up-to-date on the latest news and trends in hip hop culture. Our articles provide a critical analysis of hip hop, exploring its impact on society, politics, and the arts. We also feature interviews with artists, activists, and community leaders who are using hip hop to make a difference in the world.

In addition to providing information and insights, our Articles page also serves as a platform for dialogue and debate. We encourage our readers to share their thoughts and opinions on the issues we cover. We believe that hip hop is a powerful tool for communication and community building, and our Articles page is a space where people can come together to discuss the issues that matter most to them.

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What Is The Hip Hop Foundation

our mission, our goals our passion is hip-hop

Our track record in Hip Hop activism began in 2004 with a radio show called, The IIour Show UnCut. We began on the non profit radio station WPEB 88.1fm in West Philadelphia, broadcasting classic Hip Hop & indie artists every Monday 8pm-10pm. Since then we have broadcasted from multiple radio stations like WNJC 1360am, Philadelphia’s renaissance station, located in Washington Township New Jersey for 7 years, and now on UTM Radio for 9 years and counting. Along with hosting, sponsoring and planning 100’s of events and concert series, our foundation has supported local artists, publicists, photographers, event planners, and more by providing a platform to showcase their talents, not only locally but nationwide. On August 11th 2020 we became an official 501c3 non profit charity based organization.

The Hip Hop Foundation is a small non profit organization based in Philadelphia whose goal is to use the power of Hip Hop culture to influence positive change in urban communities. Our mission is, “Inspiring community growth through music & entertainment”. One way we do this is through the creation of awareness events & concerts that are sponsored by local businesses, showcasing prominent independent artists in the area and beyond to help get the word out about a cause. These events bring, sponsor, donors, volunteers, & more together in a collaborative environment with music, food, entertainment and education. One of the most important ways that hip hop concerts create awareness about social issues is by bringing people together. When people come together to listen to music, they are also coming together to share their experiences and to learn about the experiences of others. This can help to build understanding and empathy, which are essential for creating positive change. And this is what The Hip Hop Foundation is all about. Bringing the people together to invoke positive change and address important issues like mental health, curbing violence, education, artistic inclusion and more. In addition to raising awareness and educating people about social issues, hip hop events can also inspire people to take action. This can be done by encouraging people to volunteer their time, to donate, or to simply talk to their friends and family about the issues.

Imagine Africa Hip-Hop Event at The Penn Museum in Philadelphia

The Hip Hop Foundation will also help indie Hip Hop artists secure their own royalties and monetization rights, so they can earn a living from their music. Very few indie artists get to license their music, perform regularly in events or even get spins on their local radio station. The few that do don't get that chance on a regular basis due to lack of resource. The IIour Show Uncut (pronounced Two Our Show), which is the longest running indie hip hop radio show in Philadelphia spinning classic hip hop & local indie artists since 2004. Promoting, sponsoring, and providing media, entertainment and fundraising for events for nonprofits, local business and charitable organizations while providing performance platforms for local artists, offering them radio spins, concerts and publicity to help launch their music careers. Since then we have provided media, performing artists, entertainment and fundraising events for Philadelphia community centers, HopePHL previously The People Emergency Center (PEC), Penn Museum, local community centers, The Barnes Foundation & more. We have created and hosted hundreds of fundraising & awareness events providing artist entertainment and media coverage for sponsors, donors, and local artists who are making a difference in our communities. We have been supporting the Philadelphia music scene on a non profit, charitable basis for over 20 years and counting. Our hip hop based fundraising platform is set to create concert events that will fund community projects on a monthly and weekly basis. For example:

  • Lyrically Fit: This legendary performance event will now be used to create a donor program for local community centers in Philadelphia. Proceeds from this event will donate funds for equipment, and renovations to community centers in need.

(Left) Zakaariyah “T.H.E.” Hardin (Right) Jay “Coach” Grady Hosting Lyrically Fit @ The Trocadero In Philadelphia


  • Air-Play: This popular monthly hip hop event series created in 2014 will help fund local community events in Philadelphia parks and recreations. Air-Play will donate 100% of its proceeds on a seasonal basis to help maintain free activities for parks and recreations for our communities children and adults. Just imagine the possibility and growth potential of using events we frequent for entertainment in our communities being used to not only give artists a voice and platform for their music, but to also raise awareness on important issues, invoke change, and bring like minds together for the task. That's the foundation of Hip-Hop! Inspiring community growth through music and entertainment. Each of our events will fundraise for a particular community action that is needed in our Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Air Play Hip-Hop event @ Dahlak Paradise in West Philadelphia


  • Hip-Hop Haberdashery: A monthly fundraising Hip-Hop event that raises awareness and encourages clothing donations from the public and performing artists. All donations go to supporting local clothing drives for the youth, homeless, and anyone in need.

Hip-Hop Haberdashery monthly fundraising event @ The Haberdashery Non Profit in Nicetown, Philadelphia


  • Advertising & Promotions With Google Ads: The Hip Hop Foundation possesses an advertising grant from Google Ads. Google Ad Grants is a program that provides eligible nonprofits with $10,000 USD per month in free Google Ads advertising. This advertising is be used to promote our nonprofit's website, services, & events. Google Ad Grants helps our non profit reach new audiences, raise awareness for causes, and drive traffic to our website. It helps local businesses that support nonprofit, awareness events, local artists, and creators of all kinds. For example, a local coffee shop with an ad campaign that targets people who are searching for “coffee shops near me.” A nonprofit that provides food to the homeless could create an ad campaign that targets people who are searching for "food banks" or “homeless shelters.” Awareness events Google Ad Grants helps awareness events to reach new participants and attendees. A breast cancer awareness walk could create an ad campaign that targets people who are searching for "breast cancer walk" or “breast cancer awareness.”


  • Performing Artists: Google Ad Grants can help artists reach new fans and promote their work. For example, a musician could create an ad campaign that targets people who are searching for their name or the genre of music they play. The Google Ads Grant allows our nonprofit to promote and advertise these events, projects, programs, articles, blogs, websites and more by donating $329 per day to accomplish our works in the community.

Indie Hip-Hop artist, Ant NYCE performing at The I.P.A. festival @ Love City Brewing in Philadelphia


  • Hiring a host for your next event: Are you planning a performance event, concert, variety show or a fundraiser? If so, you know that it can be a lot of work. There are so many details to take care of, from finding a venue to booking talent to promoting the event. That's where we come in. We are a non-profit host hiring service that specializes in helping charities plan and execute successful events. We have over 18 years of experience in hosting, talent buying, and event planning. We can help you with everything from finding a venue to booking talent to promoting the event. We also offer a variety of additional services, such as radio advertising, social media marketing, Google Ads, and event staffing. We can help you create a truly memorable and successful event that will raise money for your charity. In addition to our professional services, we also offer a unique opportunity to give back to your community. When you hire us to host your event, a portion of your donation will go to support our local charity, which supports the performing arts and represents Hip Hop Culture.

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