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Check out pictures from our past in studio guest on the IIour Show on UTM Radio. The Monday night RSVP networking event live on air is sponsored by The Hip Hop Foundation in its efforts to give performing artists, event curators and event planners, local businesses, nonprofits & other community entities a chance to network bond and create new opportunities for themselves and in their surrounding communities. This group representation is detrimental to the culture of Hip Hop. Subscribe to The Hip Hop Foundation today and become a member. Share our website with your friends & sign up for the next RSVP Networking event Monday night starting January 9th, 2023!


Monday Night RSVP- Jan 9th 2023: Gen & Fire Nation Flamez

Stan Conaway, better known as Gen, is a Hip Hop MC from Lawnside, New Jersey. Gen was always surrounded by a diverse array of musical influences from an early age. His parents introduced him to jazz, classical and R&B music as a child. He began to embrace hip hop at the age of 12, with his mother being a steady source of encouragement in his pursuit to master his craft. After reciting a poetry piece as part of a presentation for a college literature class, Gen was told by his professor that "you have a special gift that needs to be shared outside of this classroom." That endorsement was taken to heart as Gen continued to perfect his skills, releasing his first mixtapes "Same as its Never Been" and "Between the Rhymes" respectively. The mixtapes allowed for Gen to showcase his skills at multiple venues such as Lyrically Fit, garnering him a reputation as a skilled lyricist with an abstract perspective on current world issues. His debut album "Dark Side of the Sun" showcased the evolution in Gen's lyrical ability, subject matter and stylistic repertoire. Radio appearances on shows such as the IIour Show UnCut on UTM Radio & the Plugged-In Show provided Gen with a platform to gain further media exposure. He has performed alongside artists such as Pace Won, Judah Priest, Dave East, Mobb Deep and Scarface at established venues in the Philadelphia area. Gen's future aims are to ultimately become a master at his craft, reach the ears of a broader audience and push Hip Hop Culture in a positive direction. Check his music out on his website, Genmusic856 For bookings and business inquiries contact Gen at

Monday Night RSVP- December 19TH 2022: Ant N.Y.C.E.

Anthony Ant-Nyce Johnson strait is out the heart of South Jersey. As an MC, producer, business owner, mentor and committee member of his Boro & politics, he represents NYCE "Now You're Capable of Everything" as a brand and much more. The goal of NYCE is for each of us to tap into our true capabilities and gifts and presenting them to the world to serve the people. From rocking stages since 2009 to from NY to ATL, to using education through and with music in schools, to teaching trades and crafts to the youth, he continues to be the example of NYCE and inspiring others to find their NYCE. Nyce has a daily morning message that he has been releasing fir the last year which covers various topics to motivate and inspire the people each day. Doing all this while running a construction and entertainment company he still manages to be one of the most consistent and authentic entrepreneurs you can name. Seems to be nothing but greatness ahead for NYCE and it's counter parts which consists of a varies dynamic of companies and individuals who bring the brand to a life. "Its more then music, it's more then a movement, it's a lifestyle."

Monday Night RSVP- December 12TH 2022: Hazel Roche

Monday Night RSVP- November 28th 2022 Cornbread The Legend

Monday Night RSVP- November 28th 2022 Damon Feldman

Monday Night RSVP- December 5TH 2022: Nazeer Art'aud