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The Hip Hop Foundation is a small non profit organization based in Philadelphia whose goal is to use the power of Hip Hop culture to influence positive change in urban communities. Our mission is, “Inspiring community growth through music & entertainment”. One way we do this is through the creation of awareness events & concerts that are sponsored by local businesses, showcasing prominent independent artists in the area and beyond to help get the word out about a cause. These events bring, sponsor, donors, volunteers, & more together in a collaborative environment with music, food, entertainment and education. One of the most important ways that hip hop concerts create awareness about social issues is by bringing people together. When people come together to listen to music, they are also coming together to share their experiences and to learn about the experiences of others. This can help to build understanding and empathy, which are essential for creating positive change. And this is what The Hip Hop Foundation is all about. Bringing the people together to invoke positive change and address important issues like mental health, curbing violence, education, artistic inclusion and more. In addition to raising awareness and educating people about social issues, hip hop events can also inspire people to take action

Why subscribe to the Hip Hop Foundation? We are a young hip hop art charity organization focused on the performing arts in the Philadelphia area. If you enjoy charitable giving and would like to support The Hip Hop Foundation, Please subscribe to our website. Our nonprofit organization is a 501C(3) charity organization using the art of hip hop and hip hop culture to inspire community growth through music & entertainment. Become a member and subscribe here. It's Free with just your email. When your finished, please check your email for the confirmation. If you don't see it check your spam folder and confirm your subscription. Thanks from all of us at The Hip Hop Foundation Of Philadelphia!

We're Currently Booking Artists For AirPlay @Dahlak Paradise

The Hip Hop Foundation is celebrating Fashion, Style and Graffiti with the AirPlay Concert Event, Scrap Paper Design Edition @Dahlak Paradise 4708 Baltimore Ave in West Philadelphia, Sunday April 21st 8pm-12am. This event will feature all the hip hop artists wearing Scrap Paper Design clothing created by designer and hip hop artists, Vern Volumes. For many years, Vern Volumes has been sponsoring hundreds of performing artists with free to low cost clothing and accessories from his original design catalog of graffiti art and hand painted prints. 

Performing artists at this event must own and be wearing at least 2-3 articles of Scrap Paper Design clothing. Artists are encouraged to speak about their Scrap Paper experience briefly before performing (60sec talk).

Scrap Paper Design clothing will be available for sale at the AirPlay Concert Event, with a percentage of each sale donated to the Hip Hop Foundations awareness campaign. Designer, Vern Volumes will speak about his brand and his vision behind why he does what he does. This event will also feature a brief fashion show showcasing Scrap Paper Design clothing along with information to order special made clothing and accessories from the artist. Pre order original Scrap Paper Design clothing will be featured on The Hip Hop Foundation website for reservations and pickup at the AirPlay Concert Event @Dahlak Paradise on Sunday April 21st 2024 8pm-12am.



"Putting The Neighbor Back Into The Hood",

A docuseries awareness segment that focuses on shining a spotlight on music, and educational based programs in the Philadelphia community. Using radio, TV, documentaries and films as creative outlets, our initiative is set to help organizations that need a constant media tools to help promote their great works in our neighborhoods. Our goal is to feature up to 52 nonprofit organizations in the Philadelphia area that support the arts, per year. The hip hop foundation wants to encourage our community to support the local nonprofits in the area that make a difference in their neighborhood and how they can join in.

Hip Hop History Education & Theory

Or, “HEAT” for short. We are proud & excited to announce that our after school program has already been excepted in Martin Luther King High School and soon William D Kelly Middle School for January 2023. Our goals with these after school programs in High Schools & Middle Schools is to keep children ages 11 to 17 off the street learning and engaging in music, history, education, entertainment and dance activities, 3-4 hours per school day during the school week. 

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