Raptivities Bonus Rules


Complete this "All Hail The Queens" Raptivities Crossword Puzzle, comprised of a handful of the dynamic women in the Hip Hop Culture. The women in these Raptivities are one-of-a-kind lyricists, actors and songwriters. Lets pay homage! Gain a 25 H.I.P. score (Hip Hop Intelligence Point) for the completion of this puzzle and win 2 free tickets to "All Hail The Queens" Concert on September 24th @ The Fire on 412 W. Girard Ave, in Philadelphia Pa. 



H.I.P. Score (Hip Hop Intelligence Points)

If you have completed past Raptivities Crosswords or Word Searches, and you have a H.I.P. score of more than 90, you are already included in the raffle. Double your chances of winning by completing the "All Hail The Queens" Crossword puzzle! Your name will be entered in the raffle twice! If you have a score of 90 HIP's or more, you will receive an email confirming your automatic entry into the raffle; so, please check your promotions or spam folders in your email. You're gonna need it to win! Thanks for continuing to play the Raptivities! Please, Tell A Friend! 



How To Win Tickets

When you receive your completion email, be sure to listen to the IIour Show UnCut on UTM Radio on September 19th for the live on air raffle drawing. Your name will be added to the raffle. Drawing will begin around 9:45. There will be 3 winners. If you wIn, you will be contacted by email with your prize info. Good Luck & LONG LIVE HIP HOP.