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Please help The Hip-Hop Foundation by supporting our performing arts charity. You can donate any amount  you can. Your gift will help us create a free hip-hop after school program for the underserved youth in Philadelphia. This will be our first major project and it will make a huge impact in the community. So, by donating you are help us make history! We will also use your donations to create non-profit video documentaries that tell the stories of our community and to host fundraising events for other community charities. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter, with your name and email, and tell your friends and family about The Hip-Hop Foundation. Send a Link!


Hire An Event Emcee/Host

Why Hire an Event Host from The Hip Hop Foundation?

There are many reasons to hire an event host from us. Here are just a few:

  • We have over 18 years of experience in event hosting. Our event hosts are experts in their field, and they know how to make sure your event is a success.
  • We are professional and reliable. Our event hosts are always on time and prepared, and they always put your event first.
  • We are affordable. Our rates are competitive, and we offer a variety of packages to fit your budget.
  • We offer a variety of services. In addition to hosting your event, we can also provide DJing, MCing, and sound production services.


What We Can Do for You

Our event hosts can do it all! We can:

  • Keep your event running smoothly and on time.
  • Engage and entertain your guests.
  • Make sure your event is a success.


Here are some of the benefits of hiring an event host from The Hip Hop Foundation:

  • Increased attendance: Our event hosts are experts at promoting events and getting people excited to attend.
  • Increased sales: Our event hosts can help you increase sales by creating a fun and exciting atmosphere at your event.
  • Improved brand awareness: Our event hosts can help you improve brand awareness by promoting your brand at your event.


If you are planning an event, we encourage you to contact the Hip Hop Foundation to learn more about our event hosting services. We would be happy to help you make your event a success!


Hip Hop Foundation, Master of Ceremonies, Event Hosting, Event Planning, Philadelphia,Your Master Of Ceremonies is very important to keep your unique event running smoothly and on time. The Hip Hop Foundation members are well versed and practiced in this regard. Our hosting program is headed up by the IIour Show UnCut on UTM Radio. In 19 years, they have hosted and sponsored over 500 concert and fundraising events!



Fundraising, Concerts, UTM Radio, IIour Show UnCut, 19 years of experience, Over 500 events hosted and sponsored, Philly Hip Hop Foundation, Hip Hop MC,There's no need to stress out about special announcements, thanking sponsors on the microphone, worrying about the performing artist lineup, or making sure the show runs on time. We handle all of that for you. Our event host and MC keeps the event running on time so you can mingle with attendees and handle other business without worrying about the show. Why get caught up in the hassle of multi-tasking when you have enough to worry about? The Hip Hop Foundation professional event hosts have tons of experience. We have handle almost every problem that can happen to an event. We have you covered.



Hip Hop DJ, Hip Hop Event Hosting, Hip Hop Fundraising, IIour Show UnCut, UTM Radio, 500+ Concerts and Fundraising Events,We handle unforeseen variables that can happen at your event. Sometimes performing artists don't show up, Or maybe the DJ is late, and sometimes there may even be a sound problem or a problem with the venue. You need a host and MC to handle these variables while keeping crowd control an organization. Your host must be entertaining, confident, and knowledgeable to pull this off. Hiring an event MC with the hip hop foundation guarantees your protected from these factors.

Get Radio Advertising For Your Performing Artists


Concerts, UTM Radio, IIour Show UnCut Experienced MCs, Professional event planning, Sponsorship opportunities,Get radio interviews for your opening acts & headline artists performing in your concert event, unique event, music show or concert festival. The IIour Show On UTM Radio (pronounced Two Our Show), offers radio advertising, publicity, radio spins for artist music, and pre recorded radio commercial advertising for your event. Booking a professional Emcee & Event host with The Hip Hop Foundation gets your musical guest and sponsors on the radio for added promotions. Book early to get the most out of your host perks! You and your artists can connect with new listeners that want to come to your event and makes sure your advertising are reaching the right crowd.

Concerts, UTM Radio, IIour Show UnCut Experienced MCs, Professional event planning, Sponsorship opportunities,That's radio advertising, publicity, radio spins for artist music, and pre recorded radio commercial advertising for your event. With over 128,000 listeners locally and worldwide on Roku TV & the UTM Radio app, available for free download in your app store, you will gain a great promotional angle for your live concert event. You can even get your event live on Roku TV or on the UTM Radio App, on the best radio show in Philadelphia!


The Hip Hop Foundation is the official sponsor of the IIour Show on UTM Radio. We use the power of or Google ad grant, which gives us $10,000 per month in free Google advertisements for artists coming on the radio show. The Monday Night RSVP Networking Event sponsored by The Hip Hop Foundation provides free advertising to upcoming black owned businesses, local businesses along with nonprofits and artists with a cause, every Monday 9pm-12am. When you hire us to host your event, you get this advertising feature. Just imagine getting this sort of power behind your monthly or weekly events!