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Music orientated so when Hip-Hop was originated/Fitted like pieces of puzzles, complicated ” - Rakim

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"The Raptivities Is An interactive Hip-Hop Learning Platform With Rewards!"

Our puzzles keep readers engaged with Hip Hop history, trivia, up coming events, & more! Fans get to learn about new artists being featured which is a plus for any musician in the business. The Hip Hop Foundation want's to keep you engaged with community, music, and non profit events, to find them, and get free tickets to awesome hip hop events too! The Raptivities is an interactive Hip-Hop learning platform with rewards! Please help us create a new platform for artists to break into. Help us represent the Culture!

Hip Hop's First Activities Puzzles Are Here!

Providing community awareness, education and activities, through the culture of Hip Hop. The Raptivities puzzle book encourages participating readers to research, explore, and experience Hip Hop while receiving rewards through information.

The Hip Hop Foundation, "Raptivities" puzzle book is a first-of-its-kind, fundraising activities publication. It will feature crossword puzzles, word searches, word jumbles, hip hop trivia and other activities, creating an all Hip-Hop themed activities book. This monthly publication will feature 5 to 10 hip hop related activities puzzles, stories and more, as a monthly publication. You may also complete some of the Raptivities puzzles on this site!

Of course the Raptivities Hip Hop Activities Puzzles are free to play at anytime. Don't forget to subscribe to The Hip Hop Foundation for weekly updates on the Raptivities!

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Try Hip Hop's 1st Activities Puzzles

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Complete this "All Hail The Queens" Raptivities Crossword Puzzle, comprised of a handful of the dynamic women in the Hip Hop Culture. The women in these Raptivities are one-of-a-kind lyricists, actors and songwriters. Lets pay homage! Gain a 25 H.I.P. score (Hip Hop Intelligence Point) for the completion of this puzzle and win 2 free tickets to "All Hail The Queens" Concert on September 24th @ The Fire on 412 W. Girard Ave, in Philadelphia Pa.

When you receive your completion email, be sure to listen to the IIour Show UnCut on UTM Radio on September 19th for the live on air raffle drawing. Your name will be added to the raffle. Drawing will begin around 9:45. There will be 3 winners. If you wIn, you will be contacted by email with your prize info. Good Luck & LONG LIVE HIP HOP.